Sometimes It’s Better to Elope

elope wedding

Everyone wants her wedding to run smoothly but more often than not, every bride would find a disappointing situation, whether it be from the wedding party or from wedding vendors.

My friend told me the story of a wedding planner who took the couple’s money for paying the vendors, only to realize that the wedding planner had hired cheaper, not-so-good quality vendors and took off with the surplus of the money.

My friend’s bridesmaids got into a fight for money matters over who were supposed to pay for what for her bridal shower, and refused to speak to one another from the shower leading to the wedding. My friend had to arrange for separate makeup session and transportation for the feuding bridesmaids.

My cousin’s MIL changed her wedding processional song in the last minute – that minute being the moment when the bride and groom walked down the aisle. They had agreed on Canon in D being played when the bride and groom entered the reception room, so imagine the surprise when they are greeted by another song, a favorite of my cousin’s MIL but definitely not hers. Apparently cousin’s MIL talked to the music conductor and changed it without her knowing.

When my cousin got married, her Maid of Honor was her DH’s little sister. MOH was upset that my cousin didn’t pay for her dress, which cost her $150. However, MOH didn’t give the wedding couple any gifts, didn’t throw her any parties or taking care of any other MOH duties.

She apparently forgot that only the previous month, my cousin had referred and lobbied her company into giving a job for MOH, who then got a pay hike of $10K per year. My cousin didn’t get any referral fee from the company and didn’t get anything from MOH as thanks either.

The list of things that can lead to quarrels or disagreements can go on and on. The point is, you need to approach problems with a level head and get things resolved before they things go out of hand.