Top Tips for Cheap Wedding Favours

candy table wedding favors

Wedding favours are traditionally small gifts given to wedding guests by the bride and groom as a token of appreciation for attending their wedding. They often form part of the table decorations. Historically they were a small bag of 5 sugared almonds to signify health, wealth, happiness, fertility and long life – good wishes for the couple’s married life.

Nowadays, wedding favours vary greatly from small boxes of sweets or chocolates, to candles, toiletries, miniature plants or personalized biscuits. There is no shortage of choice and often the wedding favour reflects the theme of the wedding in some way.

When considering their wedding budget, many couples may choose simply to not provide favours. All too often guests leave them behind and it may be that the money could have been better spent on some other aspect of the wedding.

If you do decide that you would like to provide wedding favours, be unique – design and make your own. Not only will this keep the cost down but you will be able to ensure everything is in-keeping with your own theme. Ask friends, family or your bridesmaids to help you if you have a lot to make.

One top tip for cheap wedding favours is to have them double up as place cards by adding a calligraphy name label. Or maybe they could be stacked on the tables to form decorative centrepieces instead of flowers?

You don’t have to stick to sugared almonds for your wedding favours. What would your guests prefer? You may choose to have individual cupcakes as favours instead of a wedding cake.

These could form part of the table decorations or could be personalized and used for fabulous place cards. If you are using sweets, chocolates etc for your cheap wedding favours, buy in bulk but remember to check use by dates.

There are plenty ideas online for unusual cheap wedding favours which you could make for your guests. Something which is unique or home-made is less likely to get left behind when the festivities are over.

Check out sites such as for inspiration and ideas and which sell the supplies you will need to get creative and make your own cheap wedding favours.