Engagement Ring Guide’s Passion Meter

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Engagement Ring Guide’s Passion Meter

Is he the one?
Take our passion meter test to find out. . .
(and don’t say we didn’t warn you!)

You’re about to marry this guy and spend the rest of your life in “marriedsville”?
So is he going to make the grade and live up to all your expectations, or are you both going to end up another statistic in the long line of divorcees waiting for their decree absolutes?

1. When you first met, what was your immediate impression of him?
A. It was instant – lust at first sight.
B. You loved the way he tried to sweep you off your feet.
C. You thought he might grow on you…like fungus.
D. You didn’t exactly like him, but the night was OK.

2. How was your first date?
A. Steamingly hot and romantic.
B. He was fun, with potential for improvement.
C. Don’t even ask.
D. A bit like a night out with your brother.

3. You have to get rescued after you lock yourself in the toilet. How would you feel if your partner was the axe-wielding fireman?
A. Overcome – mainly at the sight of him in a fire fighter’s uniform.
B. Deeply embarrassed, but more concerned about getting free.
C. Who cares, just get me outta here!
D. You’d both be laughing too much to care.

4. You’ve had a fight, and he calls to apologize. What do you do?
A. Breathe a huge sigh of relief.
B. Give him the benefit of the doubt – this time.
C. Tell him you’ll call him, sometime never.
D. Tell him it doesn’t matter – you hadn’t given the matter a second thought.

5. Some men find successful career women too scary. What does he think of your career?
A. He’d be totally supportive, whatever you chose to do.
B. You are busy pursuing your different career paths, and you both respect that.
C. Now you come to think of it, he never actually asked if you had a job…
D. He gives out great career advice, but only if you ask him.

6. What was your first date high? (and can you remember that far back?)
A. Your first long, slow, tantalising kiss.
B. You saw a really good movie together.
C. When he said goodnight and you knew you’d never have to see him again.
D. His sense of humor.

7. What undergarments did you wear on your first date with him?
A. Flimsy, black, lace.
B. Cotton, well cut, so there were no lines beneath your clothes.
C. Padlocked pants and a polo neck bra would have been most appropriate.
D. The first thing you grabbed from your underwear drawer.
8. He came back for coffee – what did you serve?
A. Cappuccino – hot, long and steamy.
B. Espresso – intense, but all over in a couple of slurps.
C. Instant. Weak, tasteless, and deeply unsatisfying.
D. Actually it was more a quick cup of tea and a cookie.

9. A mutual friend tells you he’s seeing someone else. What do you do?
A. Don’t believe her – she’s jealous (and you’re right!)
B. Dump him, and start looking for your next life partner?
C. Dump him and feel deeply sorry for his new girlfriend?
D. It doesn’t matter; you’ll get half of everything when you hit the divorce courts.

10. After you discover “the girlfriend”, would you rather give in and let him come back again or eat two cartons of your favorite ice cream?
A. You’d never eat ice cream again just to spend half an hour in his company.
B. You’d settle for a short date, and one carton of ice cream.
C. Um, where’s the spoon?
D. You’d have the ice cream – but save some for him in the freezer.

Engagement Ring’s Guide Passion Meter Results

Tally up your scores and work out whether you have the most A’s, B’s, C’s or D’s, then read the results:


You’ve hit the marital jackpot: this looks like it could be the real thing! You are full of passion, hope, and love for this guy and it looks like he’s feeling the same way about you. Your future looks bright and rosy.

You may have thought that love at first sight was the stuff of romantic novels, but now you’ve found out that it can happen in real life.

Clouds on the romantic horizon? A relationship is often not really put to the test until after the honeymoon and the first hot flush of passion begins to fade. It’s only then you have to start dealing with the more mundane stuff. It’s then that you might decide you prefer the thrills and spills of dating, to the “its Sunday so shall we paint the guest bedroom?” marital bliss stuff.

But at the moment everything is just perfectly passionate – long may your love continue to grow!


You like this guy a lot: You have a good time with him, he’s sexy, fun, and you look good together. You’ve tried out fitting your first name with his surname and well…it sounds kinda sweet. This guy is perfect easy-date material, but is he the perfect marriage partner? You really enjoy his company, but you certainly don’t swoon every time he enters the room.

So, while there’s no chance of pain, you won’t ever feel that heart-stopping ka-thump when he enters the room like you used to when you were dating. On the other hand, he’s just the marrying kind – strong, stable, dependable (did I say boring?)

He’ll treat you like a princess, so as long as you’re willing to accept that Prince Charming has a sluggish side, you can start ringing them wedding bells!


According to a magazine article you just read, there are only two good men per state, and now you’re not so sure you found either one of them.

But he’s popped the question and…well…that time bomb is ticking away in your uterus. Is it a case of now or never? And sure, the relationship has had its rocky patches, but show me one that hasn’t you murmur aimlessly to yourself.

Marriage is a wonderful pastime when things go well, but it only takes a couple of rocky patches to start a landslide. But heck, divorce is cheap and when you feel like giving up for good, go eat some ice cream, get a facial, buy some new shoes, and see a weepy movie with your girlfriends… and you’ll discover he’s not that bad after all.

Just keep reminding yourself what a battle that whole dating scene was and do you really want to put yourself through all that angst again?


This guy is really great: he’s funny, he’s your friend, he’s loyal…but it certainly wasn’t love at first sight. You gradually fell in love with him life you would a cute, cuddly puppy. Thing is, he’s your best friend and you’re quite happy to have him as a really good friend rather than a lover. So he doesn’t cut it in bed? There are worse things could happen – like foot-rot.

You like to think that what you have together is special – a marriage is based on more than just good sex, right? Well, isn’t it? Your intimacy is of the cerebral kind, not the sexual kind, so you can work around the sex stuff.

Anyway, don’t they say the quickest way to stop a woman from having sex is to marry her?

This guy will become like your big brother and together you two can share a lot of laughs. Hang in there girlfriend, after the passion fades, a big brother is a great soul mate to have on your side.